Being Resolute

red-shoes-200x300A new year means hope that I can “be resolute,” which means to be determined, to be purposeful, and to be adamant. That I can do. It’s the beginning-of-the-year do-or-die resolution that bothers me. That I can’t do.

The resolute part is easy; the other is hard. You know, like giving up chocolate, wine, or binge watching British detective shows.

Being a strong southern woman (and proud of it), I can resolve to be anything I want, anytime, any day of the year and it’s up to me to pick and choose. The older I get, the more determined, purposeful and adamant I become about what’s important to me and sometimes to the detriment of the people around me. I can get a little mouthy. My bad.

I don’t think I can help it. My mama brought up to speak my mind and be a lady at the same time. I have to admit that sometimes the latter doesn’t always shine through. Maybe I can be “resolute” and work on it.

Sara Palmer, the protagonist in Weather Permitting was married to the love of her life for twenty-five years when her life unravels. After her divorce, she begins a quest for change but life gets in her way. However, her determination to figure out where she fits into her new life keeps her moving forward and leads her to discover inner strength she never knew she had. She chooses to reinvent herself. She becomes resolute.

positive life quotesI wrote that first novel with empathy for women in midlife who find themselves facing a future of uncertainty after a divorce from a husband they’ve lived with for a long time. Their identity is questionable. Daily they are challenged to find out who they are when they are no longer attached to a spouse. Women are strong and when they figure it out, and they do, well, as Mama used to say, “Katy, bar the door.”

Happy New Year!!


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