Gratitude Ya’ll

th (5)November is GRATITUDE month, but shouldn’t every month, day, minute be about gratitude. I think so. But I’m human and forget to thank the people I love and the God who made me for the little things as well as maybe a huge thing like breathing in and out. I forget that I should even be grateful. So I will try harder.

The main character in my first book, Weather Permitting (yet to be published), definitely needs more gratitude in her life. After the trauma of a divorce, Sara dwells inside of her pain and isolates herself. When we pull away from others, we don’t think about gratitude we think poor me. Unfortunately, her depression is selfish. Sara has a lot of work to do.

piglet_gratitudeThis month, just in case I want to attend any pity parties (a natural occurrence for writers), I will take a minute every day to be grateful for at least one thing.  In fact, I’ll write it down. What a concept! It’s a start. Want to join me?

About the status of my writing – I have done something terrible. I dove back into the first book again to “make it better.” That means that Book 2 is on the shelf, so to speak. I hope to be finished with final edits and am able to send (yuk) query letters back out to agents again soon. Then I will take Book 2 off the shelf and get back at it – 3,000 words a day. Writing is hard, ya’ll.

So to those who read this little blog,

Thank you . . . Thank you very much.


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