A Previous Connection

fall-sportsDon’t you just love this time of year? Football, cool nights, warm days! Knowing that the holidays are right around the corner? So you plan. I’ve scheduled a few things—a day trip to the mountains, a long weekend on Sanibel Island in late fall, and the date for my large family’s Christmas gathering which will take place in my home. I’ve signed up for Art Class again, which begins October 1, so autumn will be busy. I am writing the first draft of my second novel, surviving more rejection letters, and revving up my query letter.

I’ve also taken on the task of helping to coordinate a joint three-class high school reunion. Let’s just say I went to high school a long time ago and leave it at that. I am gathering and confirming contact info for my particular class. So far, it’s been relatively easy due to technology for which I am truly thankful.

IMG_0824 (2)The obvious memories and the faces of people I knew way back when are now rummaging around in my mind like me down the third aisle of the Cobb Antique Mall.

When you think of a reunion, what does it mean to you? I checked the on-line Webster and found an interesting root. The French origin word réunion means “meeting of persons of previous connection.” Cool, huh? What about the moment you see your ex at a family function, or when you run into an old acquaintance on the street or at the mall. Or the person who once worked in the cubicle next to you, a past partner, an old love? A friend of a friend? A classmate from the sixth grade? Each one touched your life in some way.

The connections I’ve made in life have all been meaningful in different ways. Whether good or bad, they have all left an imprint on me. What a gift to have the chance to meet again, talk and laugh or cry again, the opportunity to rekindle an old memory, to see someone through what I hope are my wiser, kinder eyes. To be given another chance to connect.

Each person you meet becomes a previous connection. Think about it while sipping wine on your back porch on a warm fall weekend.



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