I write, therefore I am…what? Impatient.

Hope your summer has been great!!  We are actually having beautiful weather right now in the South. Cooler nights and mornings. I’ll take it.

85Please tell me that rejection becomes easier. I’m finding out something about myself, and I’m not liking this part of being an author. The waiting and the rejection. Please tell me I will get used to it. PLEASE.  I’ve put out another batch of queries to literary agents last week. So far from the first batch, I either was completely ignored or I received the dreaded rejection letters (most of which are form letters).

Yes, I’ve heard about Stephen King’s gobs of rejections before he ever landed an agent, but I’m no Stephen King. I cannot clean his boots, for heaven’s sake. So how can I compare myself and my journey to his? No way. I’m just little old me who thinks she wrote an interesting novel with hopes to someday be published.

I could try the self-publishing route, but honestly, I don’t want to. I might change my mind though. Never say never. For now, I wait impatiently, but I wait.

Sara, the protagonist in my novel, WEATHER PERMITTING, also suffers from impatience but hers relates to finding happiness, love, and self esteem. My latest bout with this affliction began at the first step of this new phase of my life. I’ve definitely bitten off something new and maybe way to big for me to chew on. Becoming an author is my reinvention and I’m impatient for someone in the “business” to like my work and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with the second steps, then the third, and so on. But I am also a realist. I know there are a million of us, the new authors, the new writers who feel as I do. We are all impatient for the same things.

Sara is impatient to figure out where she fits into the big picture–her place in life. We all do this in one way or another. Don’t you think? So today, I’m going to take a deep breath. Close my eyes and be grateful for today, this hour and this minute. I do believe that no matter what I’m impatient for, something tangible or intangible, I must be thankful for the right now. I’m only promised that. The future (including the accomplishments or non-accomplishments I long for) will take care of itself.

Have a fantastic month!! Hey football season is almost here!!


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