C is for…

IMG033 (2)Meet Buzz, named him after the Georgia Tech Mascot. He’s my Russian Blue, but he was born in Atlanta so he’s a very southern feline. He’s my constant.  Do you have one of those? A constant (not necessarily a cat)?

I’ve had pets throughout my crazy life. They have always been a part of me. Sara, the protagonist in my novel, Weather Permitting, has a cat. I gave her this constant in her life because she needed it. She needed to come home from work every day and find a creature there who needed only her, who wanted to be with her, whom she could count on to be loyal and true blue. Don’t we all need that constant in our lives?

“Change is the only constant in life.”th (4)
——- Heraclitus

Change is constant. It’s also a contradiction isn’t it? We all know this to be true. We either look forward to it or dread it. Love it or hate it. As we get older, I think we have no choice but to embrace change. It sure did embrace me. I just know that no matter what changes come, I have several constants to hang onto. Right now. That’s what we need constants for — RIGHT NOW. Right now, a wonderful husband, a pup named Bella, and Buzz. He will always be my main man.

So Sara has Mick Jagger, her cat, because she must go through change, because its part of her growth, she is required to grab onto stability, a constant, a small helpless cat. Mick is her constant.

Next time, we’ll get back to Strong Southern Women!!
A quick note about the book. I’ve started the query process in search of an agent. I’m told to send them out in batches. Then wait. So far, I’ve received four rejections, which is normal. So think good thoughts for me!!

Stay cool during this long hot summer!


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