May Days

Whew! I’m back from the crazy for awhile. Deadlines have taken up my life for the past month and now I can breathe.

All right, who turned on summer in the South already? 90 degrees. I think somehow, I missed spring and it’s only May. Oh well. It’s really okay because so much can be done in the summer. It’s a time for being outside, walking the dog, planting things that didn’t get planted earlier, going on beach trips, etc., etc. I’m ready.

What do you do in the summer?

I’m usually not a loving-the-heat kind of girl. Nah, I love my air conditioning. I actually read a lot during the summer. Since I have fallen way behind on reading, I plan to finish Gone Girl finally (I know, isn’t it ridiculous that I haven’t read it yet) and at least three books (maybe more) that are calling out to me. I’ll review them, if you’d like, in an end of the summer blog. Most of all, this summer, I’ll take time to be with my husband, since I’ve neglected him for all the writing and deadlines.

Last weekend, I attended the Atlanta Writers Conference and really enjoyed it. My second overall writing conference, this one had several workshops but the majority of time was spent waiting one’s turn to receive critiques for queries and manuscripts submitted before the conference. I believe there were nine agents and four editors who gave feedback to aspiring and seasoned writers. I, being a novice, didn’t know what to expect.

My queries didn’t fair too well, but my manuscript submission was noticed by an agent and, at her request, I have submitted more pages to her. Unexpected and appreciated.

Next month, it’s on to St. Simon’s Island, Georgia for the Southeastern Writers Association Workshop. Can’t wait.


2 thoughts on “May Days

  1. Oh how I agree with who turned on the oven! The heat has started. But you know, the changes in the seasons are what I enjoy most. I long for spring after the cold of winter, albeit not as bad as Boston but still here, it WAS cold. I enjoy the teasing of the heat that will be coming…and I enjoy the change in my footwear. Yes, still love my flip flops and realizing uh, oh, time for the pedicures because my winter toes are just, well winterish. I enjoy the sweat of the hot days of Summer because then comes those Autumnal scents that I cannot get enough of. The cooler nights, the burning of the fire pits and fireplaces…the pumpkins, well, you get it. I love the changes.

    But back to May and yes, please catch up on your reading and share your thoughts. Nothing like a good book and nothing like sharing that great find. I am excited about an agent wanting more from you. YOU GO GIRL. I have much catching up to do but after a very emotional Winter for me, I took time to look around and enjoy every little thing. I took time, those words, those words are something I hardly utter, but had to. I have a few books I loved so far this year and look forward to spending some time reading others for “beach” season. NOW I am going to check that writers conference you mentioned and will share one I found out about this week, Publish15. Check it out.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you my friend!


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