Fear of Commitment

Last night, I began working on a pitch for my first book, “Weather Permitting.” I signed up (paid money and everything) to be able to submit to agents and publishers at the Atlanta Writers Conference in May. The screams you hear in the background are from me fearing for my life.

Another first for me. On the internet are scads of articles telling me how to write the pitch but that really doesn’t matter. It is difficult and the fact that I have to say it out loud is worse.

Then, there is the synopsis and a query letter which are harder to write but at least I don’t have to read them out loud. As you can see, my stress level is extremely high, like in the clouds. All of these scary items are due by April 8th.  Yikes!!

So, back to work…

I’ll see you next week. Please think kind thoughts for me…


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