Short Story Struggling

Happy Tuesday!

Happy World Book Day!!  How cool.  Didn’t know there was such a thing!

Now, I wonder if there is a Southern Book Day. That would also be cool. I’m just a little prone to southern things. One can’t help it when you’re brought up in Alabama, Georgia and parts of Florida.

So, having some “issues.”  I took a break from doing research and decided to work on a short story for an upcoming writers workshop. Whoa!  I have writers block!!!  And yes, it is real. I had to dig up some old stories that I don’t particularly like and try to fix one or two. Not working. So what do I do? Punt.

Yes, I punt. I will get out all of the “craft” info – stuff that tells me how to write, how to find a plot, how to make characters’ effective, etc. So back to the basics for this writer.  I’ve got umpteen books on the subject and some I should have memorized by now. So, here goes…

Maybe, just maybe…I’ll read a favorite author’s book. See how to do it again.  Yeah, that’ll do it.

Have a great week!


2 thoughts on “Short Story Struggling

  1. Jody: I sympathize – not with the writer’s block – as that has never happened to me (fingers and toes crossed),but with the sentiment that the “self-help here’s how to learn to write” books gets old. At some point they all seem to say the same thing. And when I sit down to create I don’t seem to think of them at all. So why waste the money? I say save time and just dive in. Keep writing! Judith


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