Southern Snow

We love the snow here in the South, but we respect it even more. Maybe it’s because those of us, who are born and bred Southerners, didn’t grow up with much white stuff on the ground, so we revere it and cower to its authority.

When we hear the weatherman on Channel 2 say the words, “Winter Storm Warning,” we rush to the nearest Kroger and load up our pick-ups and SUVs. Next, we make a stop at Ace Hardware and buy pellets to melt the ice, a new scraper for the car windshields, and possibly another huge plastic disk or a sled for the kids, just in case. In our area, knowing the snow is coming means there is no school. All schools in all counties will not take the risk of having a school bus slide across a slick blacktop.

So we accept our fate and bow down to Mother Nature. Let the snow come. Bring on the sleet and ice. Once we all make it home from work, we don’t move. We will not leave our homes once the first flakes appear. We will hunker down, make ready the emergency kits for when the power goes out, and figure out what to do with antsy children after the initial fun of sliding down the street wears off.

Yes, we will. We southerners are a strong lot.

Stay warm. Bye ya’ll,


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